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Informations about .OR.AT TLD

Dispute Policy Rules
Whois Server
Whois Update
Min. Characters 3
Max. Characters 63
Character Set
  • Letters and numbers
  • Hyphens ("-"), however not at the beginning or directly in front of the TLD
  • IDN: allowed
  • Registrant Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Admin Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 1
  • Tech Contacts: Required: 1 / Maximum: 2
  • Billing Contacts: Required: 0 / Maximum: 1
IDN capable Yes
Restore capable Manual
Handle Updates Supported (partially)
Registration System Real-Time
Allowed number of NS 2 to 8
Registry Nameservercheck No
Host IP-Addresses Type IPv4
Hosts managed as Attribute
Root Nameserver Update 4 times a day
SEC DNS Interface not available
Transferclass Pull
Transfer Periods 0Y
Transfer Authcode required No
Transfer Real-Time No
Transfer ACK by Customer
Transfer NACK by Customer
Transfer Lock No
Owner Change by Trade
Trade Real-Time No
Trade Periods -
Transfer included No
Trade Confirmation (Request / Approve) Fax / -
Trade ACK by Both
Trade NACK by Both